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Tyler Fox and Corey Law - Part 2


Tyler Fox and Corey law had no idea what was in store for them during their match out on the field. If they had even the slightest inkling of what was to come, they may just have gone a little easier on each other. The two of them had a nice relaxing gay massage at stake and neither of the two twink boys wanted to lose out. After all, no one wants to be the one to give a gay massage rather than get one and these two gay boys were no different. After all was said and done, the two headed back into the locker room to settle their bet on the gay massage table. One of the sexy gay boys hung back while the hunk slowly took off his shirt to collect his prize. One look at his amazing abs and sexy chest was enough to make the other’s cock get stiff at just a glance. He oiled down his back and made sure to caress his gorgeous calves and sexy thighs with the warmth of his skin making his balls ache for a release. Luckily for the two unabashed cock suckers, a gay massage never ends without a happy ending. Getting him onto his back, he slipped down his shorts and let his beautiful cock hang out. He lubed up his hands and slowly slid them over the shaft in an amazing handjob. He felt the thing stiffen in his embrace and lost his ability to hold back. With a single move, he bent down and took the stiff cock into his warm mouth. There’s no better blowjob than a gay blowjob and this was one of the best. He let his lips trail up and down the shaft until it exploded in his mouth, making him swallow up the tasty gay cum.

Featured Models: Corey Law, Tyler Fox
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