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Marion Anel and Manuel Nevas


Marion Anel and Manuel Nevas love sports, but they always get horny when they play together. They start smelling each other's sweat and admiring each other's hot young bodies and they couldn't wait to get back to the locker room. They start kissing passionately the moment they get to the massage table. Gorgeous tattooed cutie Marion Anel lies face down on the table so Manuel can give him a massage. Marion's body is just as smooth and strong as Manuel thought it was and it starts getting him aroused. He turns him over so he can massage his chest and pours on some more massage oil to make him extra slippery. He can't stand touching him anymore without having his cock so he takes Marion's underwear off and starts sucking his cock and licking his balls. He loves the way he's sucking him off so Marion caresses Manuel's shoulders during the blowjob. Manuel then lies on the table and takes his underwear off so he can get a blowjob too. Manuel's cock is so big and hard that Marion can barely fit it in his mouth. The cock feels so good in his mouth that he has to see what his asshole feels like so he throws his legs back and starts banging him hard in his asshole. He turns him around fucking him doggystyle then has Manuel lie on his back so he can lick the head of his cock while he cums all over his face.

Featured Models: Manuel Nevas, Marion Anel
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