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Jason Smith and Casey Filip


Casey Filip has just spent a long day out on the field. He’s all sore and he really needs Jason Smith to take care of his body. He lies back on the massage table in the locker room and lets Jason get to work. He starts off by slipping off his socks and oiling up his legs and feet. He takes his time and works every muscle on his way to his crotch. If he’s going to work his entire body that means that he has to work his cock. He makes sure that it’s the most relaxing massage ever. He takes his dick out from behind his shorts and makes sure to squeeze it just right. It starts to stiffen right away and he knows that his friend wants the same exact thing that he does. He starts jerking it while his other hand runs up and down his thigh. Then he uses his massage hand to cup his friend’s swollen balls while he works his shaft with the other hand. That’s when he leans in and replaces his dry hand with his wet mouth. He sucks on that dick until it’s just ready to blow, then jerks out the load.

Featured Models: Casey Filips, Jason Smith
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