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Zack Hood - Dom Ully

Zack Hood is a very busy man and he doesn’t have time to deal with problem from his employees. That’s’ why he has Dom Ully step into his office to make sure he won’t be causing any more issues. Dom stands there with his face down in preparation for what he thinks is going to be a tongue lashing. What he’s going to be actually getting is a lot more than he was planning on. It doesn’t take Zack long at all to tell his twink employee that he has to earn his spot in the company and now is the time. He steps up to him and quickly gets his shirt off to get a good, long look at his lean body. Dom immediately proves that he’s the man for the job when he reaches up and cups his boss’s throbbing cock with his soft palm. Zack pulls it right out for him and Dom gets down onto his knees and sucks the whole thing deep into his mouth. His blowjob skills are more than enough to make him hard as a rock and he decides to use it to his advantage right away. He gets the young man naked and on his desk to shove his thick cock deep into the twinks asshole. He takes it all and can’t stop himself from grabbing onto his own dick and tugging it in time with his Daddy’s hard thrusts inside him. Dom shows that he means business by turning the twink over, grabbing onto his shoulder and forcing himself as deep as he can possibly go. He doesn’t hold anything back and expects the twink to take his jackhammering for as long as it takes. Luckily for him, his asshole is nice and tight and it’s not long before Zack pulls out and blows his load all over Dom’s sexy little ass cheeks.

Featured Models: Dom Ully, Zack Hood
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