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Martin Muse and Jasper James

Martin Muse and Jasper James are just as in love with each other’s feet as they are in love with each other’s tight and welcoming assholes. One decides to surprise the other with a lovely foot rub while he sleeps in his bed. He sneaks in and pulls back the covers to reveal the naked peds and immediately goes to work rubbing them with his fingertips and palms. He lets the sweat from the soles and in between the toes cover his hands before he lies down on his stomach and takes the toes right into his watering mouth and gives them the sucking that they really need. When his friend wakes to such a lovely gift, he decides to repay the favor by getting him on his hands and knees and sliding his stiff cock deep inside his tight asshole. He doesn’t waste any time thrusting himself in and out and lets himself go as fast and hard as he wants because he knows that the hole can take it and loves every single minute of it. He switches up the position to lie behind his friend and lets him stroke his own stiff dick while he bangs his asshole until he cums all over himself. Once he’s done, he gets his face right in front of his lover’s cock and takes his massive load all over it. His face gets covered in smelly cum and he licks the last few drops off of his stomach just to prove a point.

Featured Models: Jasper James, Martin Muse
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