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Timo Hardy


Timo Hardy is a hard body and he loves to play with it any time that he can. He’s in the kitchen and has no interest in wasting the time to go into the bedroom. He pulls off his shirt and makes sure to rub his hands all over his muscular body. It gets him nice and ready to unzip his pants and pull his stiff cock right out to stroke it. He keeps jerking it right in his kitchen until his cock explodes all over his stomach and fingers. He doesn’t want it all for himself, though. He has one foot up on the counter top and decides to lean over. He keeps jerking while he’s cumming and lets it shoot out all over the counter. It splatters and goes all over the kitchen. He can smell his own cum all over the room and it only makes him shoot out even more. He thinks about all of the people who are going to eating his cum the next time they come in to cook. The last few drops finally drip out and he just sits back and smiles. Now it’s just time for the clean-up before his breakfast.

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