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Marion Anel and Corey Law


Marion Anel and Corey Law are two thin and gorgeous twinks who have a foot fetish. They love to play with each other's soft and supple feet. One of them lies on the couch with his feet in the other cute boy's lap. The horny, foot loving twink takes his partner's socks off and starts rubbing his bare feet. This turns his partner on so he takes his skinny jeans off. Now he can rub his bare legs all the way up and down while he plays with his toes. He brings his foot up to his mouth and starts sucking his toes and licking his bare feet all over. The more the gay foot fetish boy licks his partner's bare feet, the hornier he gets. He starts getting that look of love while his partner plays with his cock. He keeps caressing his feet and gets so horny that he has to get up and take all his clothes off. He sits back down completely nude. His partner takes one look at his body and leans over to start sucking on his cock. He sucks his cock slow and passionately and takes it all the way in his mouth. The cock becomes engorged in his mouth as he sucks it intensely. The other boy returns the favor and does some deep cock sucking of his own and he can barely fit the giant fuck stick in his mouth. They start ass fucking and fuck each other deep and hard. They moan and push their cocks in balls deep. They writhe with pleasure as they fuck with lust and passion. They both fuck each other hard and fast in several positions until they become completely aroused. They both empty their balls and cum all over the one getting fucked.

Featured Models: Corey Law, Marion Anel
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