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Troy Vara and Andrew Kitt


Troy Vara and Andrew Kitt are young and full of cum and they can't wait to drain it out of each other. They are clearly turned on and start kissing romantically the moment the camera hits record. Both of them have their shirts off and wearing only their jeans. They come off pretty quickly because they want to feel the warmth of their bodies touching. Once the pants come off, you can see how soft these young men truly are. The cock sucking starts as the young blonde kisses and licks the head of his partner's dick while he jacks him off. He plays with his foreskin sticking his finger inside of it and moving it around. He licks his finger so he can get his foreskin wet with his saliva. The hot young brunette has the cute blonde twink lie down so he can start playing with his foreskin. He sticks his finger in it tickling the head. He lets the head peek out and licks it before sticking his finger back in. These gay boys love playing with each other's foreskin. It's so sensitive to the touch and feels even better when they lick it. The more cock sucking and foreskin playing they do, the harder their cocks get. They start butt fucking and the passion of the scene goes through the roof. The blonde twink rides the brunette and forces his ass down until it is balls deep inside. He lies down and takes it hard doggy style. His cock is rammed in the tight asshole balls deep until he pulls out and cums all over his ass and lower back. The young blonde then lies down with his legs spread and jacks off while his partner plays with his balls and cums all over his own chest.

Featured Models: Andrew Kitt, Troy Vara
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