Milo Hudson vs Casper Ellis Photos


One night, after they had already had a few beers, good friends Milo Hudson and Casper Ellis started talking about their cocks and they both claimed that they had a big one. Mlio insisted that he had a bigger dick than Casper. Casper said that there is no way that Milo’s dick is even half the size of his. The discussion got so heated that they ended up fighting about it. Before they fought, they agreed to have gay sex after the fight and whoever wins gets to be top and the other one would have to have his asshole spread open on the bottom. Milo is tall and skinny, but he still manages to pin Casper down on the mat. He raises his hand in victory and his sick is already hard. He pulls the front of his trunks down and Casper begins sucking his friend’s cock deep into his warm mouth. It’s Milo’s turn to suck cock and he loves it. He caresses his friend’s balls and stomach as he gives him an amazing blowjob. The dick in his mouth makes him hard and horny so he has Casper get down on the mat with his head down and ass in the air so he can fill it balls deep with cock. They kiss passionately then change positions so Casper can ride his friend’s dick while he jerks off and cums all over his chest and stomach. They both look euphoric as they kiss again and Milo jerks off in Casper’s face.

Featured Models: Casper Ellis, Milo Hudson
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