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Vadim Lust and Alan Benfelen

It was a beautiful day in the woods, and what better place for a sensuous massage? Alan lay nude on the massage table while Vadim sat astride him and worked massage gel into his muscular shoulders, and back. The smooth, pale skin on both their bodies glistened in the warm sunlight. Alan's thickly corded and tatted arms relaxed under Vadim's expert touch, but soon he was ready for a frontal rubdown. Alan turned over on the massage table, anticipating Vadim's slender fingers working his chest and more. His skin was slick with gel, and he was getting hard under Vadim's crotch. Just when he thought he couldn't stand the tension any longer, Vadim finally began massaging his hard cock, gently working his shaved sack and long, uncircumcised shaft to perfection. Vadim tugged and pulled his rod lovingly and sensuously, but could sense Adam wanted more, and he was happy to oblige by taking Alan's cock into his wet mouth. Adam groaned and bit his lip as Vadim worked his oral magic, licking and sucking. Alan began to stroke Vadim's already hard tool, and gasped in pleasure when Vadim sat astride him, gently inserting Alan's cock into his ass. As their passion grew more intense, Vadim started riding him hard and fast, bouncing up and down and enjoying the sound of Alan's big hard cock slapping against his belly with each thrust. Vadim jerked himself fast as Alan fucked him long and good. They both came hard in salty white spurts.

Featured Models: Alan Benfelen, Vadim Lust
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