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Ryan Cage vs Ariel Black


There are a lot of interests that friends Ryan Cage and Ariel Black share. They have the same hobbies and they do a lot of things together. One of their favorite things to do is play video games. The only drawback about playing video games is that they both get a little crazy and become competitive. They were playing two player on their favorite video game one night and Ryan beat Ariel fair and square. Ariel became angry and got in Ryan's face. They started to get mad then thought better of it. They discussed it and determined that the best way to get their frustrations out was to fight. They would only do some light wrestling because they didn't want to hurt each other. They raise the stakes by agreeing that the winner gets to stick his dick deep into the asshole of the loser. Ryan has the advantage because he is bigger and his muscles are more defined and he seems to just be groping Ariel the whole time, but Ariel is a feisty one. He wiggles and fights, but he's no match for Ryan's strength. Just a couple of minutes later, Ariel is on his knees sucking Ryan's cock and Ryan is pushing his head down on it so he will swallow it deeper. The soft and skinny Ariel then lies down to receive his blowjob and it looks like he's about to explode. Ryan then pulls his ass in the air so he can fuck him as deep as possible.

Featured Models: Ariel Black, Ryan Cage
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