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Oliver Morgenson


Oliver Morgenson is in a horny mood and nothing is going to stop him from taking care of business. He starts off by lying in his big and comfortable bed where no one can bother him. He rubs his hands all over his chest before leaning forward and stripping it all off. He takes some time to rub his feet and make sure he gets all of his toe sweat on his fingers. Then it’s finally time to take his thick and stiff cock into his warm hand and stroke it up and down. He puts his feet up on the headboard so he can look at them while he works his dick. He likes to wriggle his toes and slide his foreskin up and down the head of his cock. He even takes some time to stare right at his penis and pretend that it’s someone else’s. Nothing feels better than the explosion. He lets his cock blow all over his own stomach. The cum splats against his skin and sends warm shivers all throughout his tight and toned little body. Now it’s just a matter of lying still until he gets the energy back to rub the sticky cum into his skin.

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