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Piecia definitely enjoys being alone some days. He just needs some down time after a long work week and sometimes he just needs to feel good. That's what today was all about for him. He has a foot fetish that he needs to satisfy once in a while. He pulls off a shoe and sniffs it after sitting down on the couch. He loves smelling his feet and he knows that us viewers at home enjoy a good fetish scene too. He removes his socks and begins sniffing at them too. For some reason, the dirty odor smell seems to turn him on more than anything! I couldn't believe how turned on he was, but in return, we're turned on from watching it so everyone wins! He savors the smell of his dirty feet in those socks before he begins rubbing the soles of his feet. He gently rubs them before popping a toe into his mouth. He really enjoys sucking on each individual toe and licking them thoroughly above anything else. Watch him go absolutely nuts on his feet! He eventually gets so turned on with what he's doing that Piecia has to jerk off his uncut cock. He was rock hard at this point and can't help but jerk off at mach speeds! He pulls his boxers off and exposes his ass and the rest of his cock in the process and starts tugging away yet again. While watching his feet, he gets the urge to cum and does so all over the soles of his feet. He rubs the semen all over his feet with his cock to finish himself off completely and cleans up the mess with a sock. What a great afternoon!

Featured Models: Piecia
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