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Nick Daner


Nothing turns Nick Daner on like the thought of someone watching him. That’s why he’s getting so hard while he’s out on his deck. It doesn’t take long for him to take this inside to bring things to the next level. He lies on his stomach and shows off his perfect ass, just like he’d be doing if someone were there and watching him. Then he stands tall and jerks his cock until he’s just about ready to blow his load. That’s when he lays down again to make sure he takes it all over his toned and heaving chest. He keeps jerking and jerking until he starts to feel the warmth spread across his entire twink body. His hand slows down as the first gush of hot, white cum shoots right up into the air. It flops back down and covers his thumb before splattering against his body. He picks his speed back up just in time for another spurt to blow out of his cock and land right off the last one. He can’t help but close his eyes and put his head back while he cums all over himself, just like a big, strong bear would do for him.

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