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Lior Hod vs JD Black

Lior Hod and JD Black both know that the loser of this match is going to have to jerk himself off. That’s completely okay, though. As long as they can both get off, it’s always a great day of wrestling. Once the loser gets pinned, he gets right down on his knees and takes the winner’s thick cock right into his mouth. He sucks on it and knows that he’s about to get even more. That’s when he ends up on his knees with the dick deep in his asshole until he takes the load into his sore, tired body. Lior still needs to cum, though. He can feel the cum inside him and it turns him on more than wrestling ever could. The hot, sticky jizz starts to drip out of his asshole and he jerks himself off as fast as he can. He wants to cum before it’s all out of his body. He wants to make sure that he can still feel it when he feels his own load explode all over his own stomach. He even gets to look into JD’s eyes as he feels his cum shoot out under his fingers and out of his cock.

Featured Models: JD Black, Lior Hod
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