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Jason Smith likes to draw things out to make them feel as good as they possibly can. Jerking off is no exception to that rule at all. He takes his time getting naked, then it’s time to give his attention to his dick. He plays with his foreskin and uses his finger to caress the head of his cock. It gets him nice and hard, then it’s time to get out the lube. He covers his dick with it and gets on his knees to jerk himself off while he caresses his own sexy chest until he almost cums on himself. He can’t help but think of a submissive and horny twink on his knees in front of him. He thinks about him worshipping his cock and it’s all he needs to get ready to blow. He stop jerking himself up and down and starts taking the time to massage his own head to make it feel as good as it possibly can. He grabs onto his balls and imagines the twink rubbing it for him. He jerks his cock as fast as he possibly can as his cum starts to shoot out in ribbons. It splatters all over his stomach and pelvis.

Featured Models: Jason Smith
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