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Justin James vs Casper Ellis


Macho friends Justin James and Casper Ellis often go to sporting events and watch games on television as well. They especially like wresting. They like watching it on TV and like doing it themselves as well. Both insist that they are the superior wrestler. They begin talking about what would happen if they went toe to toe in a match. Justin said that he would be the victor and Casper said that it was obvious that he would be the victor. They talked about it and argued for a bit. Casper suggested that they go at it right then and there and decide who was the superior fighter. Justin agreed, but said he had one condition. He insisted that the winner should be rewarded. When asked what the reward should be, Justin said that the loser should have a stiff cock shoved up his ass and that cock should belong to the winner of the fight. Casper wholeheartedly agreed and they square off on the wrestling mat. The fight is less wrestling and more grabbing each other as they grapple with their ass cheeks hanging out. Casper ends up losing the battle and gets on his knees to give Justin a blowjob. Justin gives him an eager dick sucking right back then jabs his finger in his ass. He fucks Casper in the spooning position while Casper jerks his dick then pounds him harder in doggy style and they both cum all over Justin's rock hard six pack abs.

Featured Models: Casper Ellis, Justin James
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