Luke Ward vs Tim Law Photos


Luke Ward and Tim Law are both good friends. Luke is quite a bit bigger than Tim with large muscles, so he likes to tease him from time to time. Luke took the teasing a bit far this time and it made Tim mad. They lay down a wrestling mat and start to fight. Tim is small, but he proves to be tougher than he looks. Luke still gets the better of him and makes Tim tap out. Now, Tim must get on his knees and suck his friend’s cock. He tries to stand up, but Luke forces him to get back down on his knees for some deeper dick sucking. Tim tickles his friend’s balls while he sucks him off then runs his tongue all over his sack while he jerks off. Luke wants Tim to feel pleasure too so he has him lie down while he sucks his dick in return. Luke gets horny from having his friend’s cock in his mouth so he gets on his knees, spreads Tim’s legs open, and rams his fuck stick into his tight asshole. He pounds him deep and hard then puts his leg up on his shoulder so he can get his dick deeper inside. Tim loves the feeling of his friend filling up his asshole with dick so he starts jerking off while he’s being fucked. Tim then turns around and gets on all fours so Luke can penetrate him and he gets butt fucked until he cums all over the wrestling mat. Suggest Category Keyword Tags

Featured Models: Luke Ward, Tim Law
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