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Jamie Oliver has a hot load cooking in his ball sack and he wants to serve it up for the camera. He takes his time taking off his clothes to make sure everyone gets a good, long look at his hot and sexy body. Knowing that he’s turning everyone on gets his cock nice and stiff for himself. He sits naked on the sofa and starts jerking it as fast and hard as he possibly can. He has a job to do and he wants to do it now. It’s not over until his stomach is covered in his cum. He can’t stop himself from thinking about a big, strong bear fucking him while he jerks off. He spreads his legs wide and thinks about it. He feels the air against his asshole and loves the sensation. He thinks about the bear getting his cock nice and hard for him. He jerks off faster and faster. He imagines the bear sliding this thick and stiff cock deep into his asshole. Thinking about it makes his cum get ready to shoot out and he doesn’t want to stop it. He lets it blow out of his cock and cover his stomach.

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