Riki and Ataman Photos


Riki And Ataman weren't holding back one bit today. The two of them have been on a few dates and have finally decided to get together for some intimate fun. They both have foot fetishes and seem to enjoy the idea of kissing and sucking each other's feet and toes, socks or not. Watch them have some passionate fun together as they start out with some light foot play. They take their time smelling each other's socks and kissing and sucking on one another's bare feet too. The smell and thought of this drives them absolutely crazy. They're so into it. Ataman didn't waste time taking his shirt and pants off. The two boys eventually both became naked and didn't mind jerking each other off, tugging at each other's uncut cocks to excite one another. Playing with the foreskin was fun too, but the two of them really wanted to blow each other 69 style. The two boys began working each other's hard cocks in the 69 position, going deep on each other and exciting one another for quite some time. The two boys wanted to fuck badly, so Ataman hopped onto Riki's cock and started getting fucked like crazy by him. While this is happening, Riki jerks Ataman off to add to the pleasure of the experience. Having your ass and prostate fucked is intense on its own, adding a helping hand just makes things finish quicker! Ataman eventually took control of the situation and started jerking himself off until he came all over his friend's feet. Riki jerked himself off and blew his load on his own chest. The two boys would call this night very successful!

Featured Models: Ataman, Riki
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