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Riki and Tar


The most amazing sexual contact starts when Riki is exhausted and all Tar wants to do is just help! I think you're going to be turned on when you see that Tar is totally into Riki and just wants him to feel good. He starts by rubbing the soles of his feet to make him feel really good. I think you're going to be turned on when you see him working him over. As Riki lays back, he's thinking of all the hot and kinky things he wants to do with Tar. He didn't waste another second and returned the favor by licking and caressing Tar's feet, causing erections everywhere! Tar begins to play with his large uncut cock. Riki notices this and works his way right up to his cock with his mouth. He licks and sucks at the boy's large dick and works him into a frenzy. Riki wants to get fucked and he gets tar on top and riding his cock. The two of them couldn't stop kissing and getting off on each other! Riki turns Tar around and starts to slide his hard cock deep inside of him, pounding away and making him feel good from behind. The feeling of his hard dick going in and out really gets him off! They fuck around for quite a while before pulling out and blowing on their beautiful, lean and muscular bodies. Riki sucks on Tar's cock near the end for added measure. Safe to say they both slept quite well that night!

Featured Models: Riki, Tar
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