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Joel Vargas vs James Huck

Joel is back in this new FightAndFuck episode and this time, he brought James Huck, his best friend. Even though they've only known each other for a couple of years, the 2 dudes are inseparable. They do everything together... Well almost everything! They haven't fucked yet! But hey, we are here to help them and they both know it. Whatever happens, they know that one of them is going to get fucked in the end :) As usual, we had the studs on the mat for a wrestling match. Whoever loses gets the dick in the ass. We made sure to repeat that to them, just for fun hehe From the get-go, James had no chance. Joel took over James' body in no time, and whatever James would do just didn't work. Joel was the strongest and it was time for James to give up. Joel got James to suck on his uncut meat, James obliged. Then it was Joel's turn and he sucked that cock really nicely but the moment we were all waiting for was about to come. Joel got on his back and James, slowly, sat on his cock, taking the dick inch by inch. Let the fucking begin... bareback! James took it like a champ until Joel spewed his juice all over James' stomach. It was then James' turn to cum and he got Joel to suck on his cock to completion... mmmm delicious!

Featured Models: James Huck, Joel Vargas
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