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Paul and Tar


Paul and Tar just can’t seem to keep their hands off of each other and it’s no wonder why. They’re both hot and sexy guys who can’t get enough also doesn’t hurt that Paul loves to suck on feet and Tar loves to have his feet in someone else’s mouth. They get each other ready for action with a long make out session, then it’s time to get what they came for. Tar lies back and Paul sucks his feet right into his warm mouth. Tar can’t help but jerk off under his pants until Paul pulls it out. He jerks him off and leans in for another make out session. Then it’s time to get the most pleasure they possibly can. They move around into the 69 position, but they’re not interested in blowing each other. Each guy moves right down and takes the other guy’s foot into his mouth. They suck on each other’s toes and lick each other’s soles while Tar keeps jerking his cock, unable to stop himself. He only puts his cock down to get up and starts sucking on Paul’s thick and stiff man meat. It’s no surprise that each one has a massive load to blow.

Featured Models: Paul, Tar
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