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Vitali Kutcher is a horny guy and it’s time for him to take care of his own needs. He’s in his bed and can’t help but rub and squeeze his cock over his pants. He pulls up his shirt to rub his own chest and that makes his balls feel all tingly. Then he slides his hand under his pants to rub his stiffening dick and get it ready. He only stops to finish taking off his clothes and pulls his whole cock into his hand. He’s so turned on that he almost just shoots his load straight up into the air. He slows down his jerk to make sure his pleasure can last as long as possible. He wants to build up a massive load to shoot out all over his own tight little twink body. All he really has to do is think about the last time a big bear was on top of him, shoving his thick cock in and out of his tight asshole. That’s more that he can take and he closes his eyes while letting his head fall back. The cum starts to flow and shoots all over his working hand and pelvis until he moans.

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