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Alexander and Tristan


Tristan couldn't wait to wake Alexander up from a deep sleep using his wandering fingers. Let's get something straight, it's not often that Tristan doesn't wake up with a raging hard on and a lust for Alexander's throbbing cock. He moves the sheets down and begins jerking off his boyfriend after subtle touches and strokes on his cock, balls and nipples. Alexander wakes up and begins to immediately kiss and get lost in Tristan's eyes. The two of them make out and turn each other on significantly. Alexander takes it upon himself to start massaging Tristan, rubbing his back and kissing his neck, getting him turned on in the process. He loves the feeling of his sweet kisses all over his body and gets even more excited with each squeeze and touch. It didn't take long for him to pull his cock out and slide his uncut dick inside Tristan's tight asshole. Slowly working his cock (with beautiful foreskin) inside his ass, he begins thrusting and working that tight hole. Changing positions, Tristan starts jerking off his cock to the pleasure of his ass getting fucked. Pulling out and eating his ass was also fun before blowing a big, thick load all over his face. These two certainly had a good morning, as you have seen in this scene.

Featured Models: Alexander, Tristan
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