Markus and Tobi Photos


When lean stud Tobi walks into his bedroom to find his hot uncut pal Markus sleeping in his bed, the randy hottie can't resist waking him for some naughty fun. Markus wakes with a big woodie, which thrills Tobi. Tobi wastes no time pulling his friend's meaty hooded dick out. He strokes it skillfully for a few minutes, letting Markus's long foreskin work up and down his hard crimson shaft. Tobi tugs on the hood, just as mesmerized as we are by how luscious it is. Hornier than ever, the trim Eastern European hunk starts running his tongue around the head of Markus's cock, slurping and tonguing underneath his foreskin enthusiastically. Soon Markus wants to have Tobi's uncut cock in his mouth as well and the two move into a sixty-nine position so they can each have their mouths filled with thick intact dick. The passionate pair doesn't stop there though, and Tobi is looking forward to the feel of Markus' giant uncut shaft in his ass. Markus is of course only too happy to oblige, and thrusts himself inside. You won't want to miss the hot fucking that ensues as they switch positions again and again, enjoying the feel of each other from every angle. Eventually Markus can take it no longer, and he slides his foreskin covered cock out to shoot an explosive load on Tobi's chest. Tobi only takes a moment before he too is jizzing on Markus' ass, and the two enjoy their sticky cum bath.

Featured Models: Markus, Tobi
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