Rado Zuska vs Justin James Photos


One of the things that always bonded Rado Zuska and Justin James as friends was their love for music. They both love music, but they like very different kinds of music. Rado prefers hard rock and Justin prefers pop. Rado was playing his heavy music loud one day and Justin asked him to turn it down. Rado said no and they both started becoming upset. They didn’t want this argument to ruin their friendship, so Justin suggested that they fight about it. Rado said he would fight, but only under the condition that the loser would get a dick in his asshole. Rado has quite a bit more muscle than Justin, but Justin still gives it his best effort while Rado manhandles him. Justin taps out from a choke hold and continues fighting but he gets pinned again and must start giving Rado a blowjob. Rado knew that he would win the fight and he couldn’t wait to fill his friends mouth and asshole with cock. After giving a spirited blowjob, Justin lies down to receive one of his own. Rado then lies down on the mat with his arms behind his head while Justin rides his cock hard and jerks his own. Justin then lies down on his stomach and Rado straddles his hips so the asshole will be nice and tight. He grabs him by the shoulders and forces his dick into his friend’s asshole balls deep while Justin moans then rolls over to get his chest soaked with cum.

Featured Models: Justin James, Rado Zuska
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