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Rado Zuska vs Max Trey


Rado Zuska and his close friend Max Trey have a lot in common. They like the same movies, they like the same music, and they even have the same taste in clothes. There is only one thing that they disagree on. They don’t like each other’s politics. They let this come between them one too many times until Max came up with a solution. They would fight to settle their differences and never speak about politics again after that. To add an extra incentive, the winner gets to stick his dick in the other’s tender asshole. If there is anything that is going to get this friendship on track again, it’s going to be hardcore anal sex. It's clear that Max just wanted to get fucked the whole time because there is no way he is going to beat the ripped stud Rado. It’s not long before Rado pins Max twice and Rado’s dick is in his mouth. Max is a petite twink and he can barely fit the large fuck stick in his mouth. Now it’s time for Rado to show that he is just as good at giving blowjobs as he is wrestling. Then Max gets on his hands and knees with his dick and balls dangling and Rado slides his big throbbing cock deeper into his asshole with each thrust. Max then lies down so Rado can ass fuck him face to face then shoots ropes of cum all over his chin and chest while Max jerks off.

Featured Models: Max Trey, Rado Zuska
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