Lucas Morrison vs Nick Vargas Photos

Lucas Morrison and Nick Vargas are good friends who fell for the same girl. They would talk to each other constantly about this new girl that they met, not knowing that they were both talking about the same girl. They realize they are with the same girl and get into an argument. things start to get heated. They didn’t want this incident to ruin their friendship so they decide to settle their differences on the wrestling mat. Both put on some thin, tight wrestling outfits and start rolling all over the mat getting nice and sweaty. They flip each other and get each other in headlocks and choke holds, but you can tell that they are friends and they don’t want to hurt each other. Suddenly, they both become aroused. One of them pulls his wrestling outfit down and the other one starts sucking his dick. His cock becomes fully engorged as his friend’s head bobs up and down on it. He returns the favor by doing some dick sucking of his own. They do some dick riding and some doggy style fucking right on the wrestling mat where they were fighting just a few minutes ago. They fuck each other so passionately that they forget all about the girl they were fighting about and enjoy filling each other up with cock. These guys were close friends before, but now that they have ravaged each other with their cocks, they are likely to be friends and butt buddies for the rest of their lives.

Featured Models: Lucas Morrison, Nick Vargas
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