Lew and Ataman Photos


Lew and Ataman are sound asleep. Lew has an idea though. Wake up Ataman. Oh Lew knows. Lew pulls the covers and reveals Atamans feet. Lew kisses and licks Ataman's feet. He sucks on his toes and moves his fingers in between each of them. This isn't waking Ataman up. Wake up Ataman. Lew keeps sucking on Ataman's manly toes. He's getting excited even if Ataman isn't up. Lew pulls his cock out. He tugs on his growing hot member. He pulls on himself as he sucks sucks sucks on those precious little toesies. Wake up already Ataman. He takes his cock and starts to rub it on those manly feet. Finally Atman wakes up. Ataman helps and takes Lew's cock in between his feet and moves back and forth. Lew sucks on Atman's feet eve more. Lew moves up and starts sucking on Ataman's cock. Atman keeps moving his feet back and forth on Lew's throbbing hot member and on his balls. Atman moves lew and starts sucking him off as well. They get on top of eachother before they grab a condom and lube out of a drawer. Slowly he enters him at first. Then faster and faster he pounds his asshole. Oh so good. Oh so good. Ataman sucks on Lew's toes as he rides him. Lew faps his cock up at him pleased. Ataman bends him over and pounds him fast. He fucks his asshole hard. All you can hear is the sound of slamming. Some rubbing of cock with feet is in order next followed by making up and foot nuzzling. What a good thing to wake up to.

Featured Models: Ataman, Lew
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