Kote and Alexei Photos


Kote and Alexei are having a fun time in bed as they run their hands all over each other’s bodies and explore each other’s mouth with their tongues. Once the shirts come off, things get taken a bit more seriously and both sexy boys grab onto each other’s tight asses and squeeze them for all they are worth. Kote decides to take things in a different direction and gets down on the bed to wrap his lips around Alexei’s gorgeous and delicious cock. He bobs his head up and down, making sure that the dick gets as stiff as it possibly can, taking his time to run his tongue all over the pulsing head. He takes the shaft into his hand and strokes the thing while laying kisses all along his stomach before going right back to taking it into his mouth. He uses his hand at the same time and gets Alexei dangerously close to blowing his load, but they both know what to do. Alexei gets on his back with his legs spread wide and Kote slides a thick, red dildo into his asshole to loosen it up just a bit. Once he’s satisfied, he lies next to Alexei and slides his cock deep inside his tight but lubed up hole while he strokes his cock for him with a reach around. He finally finishes by jerking himself off over Alexei’s body and covering his used up hole with gobs and gobs of thick and delicious cum.

Featured Models: Alexei, Kote
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