Riki and Tristan Photos


Riki and Tristan were working all week long painting and renovating their house. Sometimes it takes all they've got not to fight with each other. They had a deadline and simply needed to relax after working their tails off for this deal. Tristan ran a warm bath for himself and couldn't wait for them to settle their differences. This scene shows Tristan getting a nice rub down after Riki shows up into the bathroom to apologize for their fight earlier. Riki goes for his cock and starts giving him a nice cock massage. He undresses himself too and continues fondling him. Riki couldn't resist and decided to join the warm bath with him. He loves that his boy came to be with him. Watch him hug and kiss him as they both stood up and made out. Riki wastes no time though and goes down on him. Going balls deep on his big hard hog. You're going to love watching him work this boy's meaty pole. Tristan jumps on Riki's dick and begins riding him like it was his last time. He loves the feeling of being nice and full and doesn't hesitate to let Riki get off while he's jerking his own cock at the same time. The two of them end up blowing their loads and end the scene with a hot make out session. I think you'll agree that this scene was totally hot.

Featured Models: Riki, Tristan
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