Rick Jonas vs Milo Hudson Photos


Rick Jonas has a lot of affection for his friend Milo Hudson. They always hang out together. When you see one, you can expect to see the other. Their friendship was put to the test when Milo met a guy at work and decided to go to a bar with him one night. Rick got angry and it was clear that he was jealous. Milo seen that Rick was jealous and he came up with the perfect solution to their problem. He said that they should fight to determine which of them would get fucked first. They had never fucked before, but when Milo seen how jealous Rick was, he knew that he would agree to fucking him. He didn't really care which of them won because he wanted to fuck him in the ass and wanted him to fuck him as well. When they begin fighting, it doesn't seem like they're fighting at all. They are doing a lot more touching and hugging than they are wrestling. It's easy to see that Rick is playing with Milo because Milo is not very good at fighting. He is hard now and wants to get the sex going so he pins Milo and Milo begins sucking his friends dick immediately. After Rick sucks Milo's dick, Milo climbs on top of him and starts riding him. Rick's dick penetrates his asshole deep while Milo jerks off. Milo then lies down on the mat so Rick can fuck him deeper and cums all over him.

Featured Models: Milo Hudson, Rick Jonas
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