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Ray Mannix starts out his self-loving session with his socked feet in his hands as he sits back on his sofa. He slowly slides them off and rubs them all over his soles to capture as much of his amazing sweat as he possibly can. He takes his now super smelly socks and brings them right up to his nose to inhale all of the wonderful aromas that are coming off of them. The smell makes his cock swell and he quickly unbuttons his pants for easy access. He takes his other sock, caught up in the pleasure of his own feet, and rubs it all over his dick. It shoots up to twice its size and it’s finally time for his pants to come off. He spreads his legs wide and keeps his socks close by in order to keep the smell fresh and wraps his hand around himself. He strokes his stiff cock while making sure to keep his naked toes in his line of sight until he feels himself get closer to the ultimate pleasure that goes along with losing your cum. He gets himself in position with his feet pressed up against his balls and jerks himself off with as much force as possible. He gets one foot on top of his legs and aims his member at it. He thinks about what’s about to happen and can’t stop himself from shooting his sticky load all over his waiting sole. He rubs it into his skin with his fingers for fun.

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