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It really all started in the bedroom. Waking up and kissing one another upon waking up was a good way to start the day. Piecia and Lew really enjoyed their night and everything that happened in the morning. The boys took turns kissing and seducing each other. Everything from licking Piecia's chest, making out with him and grabbing his hard cock was done to excite him. Once excited, Piecia eagerly returns the favor by jerking and sucking Lew's cock in return. The two of them seem to have this passionate dynamic that keeps the fire of passion burning within them as a couple. Piecia seems to have a huge appreciation for foreskin and cock in general. The thought of helping his boyfriend Lew get off only makes him want to give him the best experience possible. He grabs the cock and begins to rub his thumb inside his foreskin and gently circles the head of the cock. After a little stimulation, fucking was next on the table. The two guys don't waste time and take turns fucking one another in the ass. The feeling of them penetrating each other's tight assholes is definitely enjoyable to one another. The best feeling though is pulling on each other's cocks until they both came and held each other in their arms.

Featured Models: Lew, Piecia
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