Octavius and Lew Photos


We got 2 hot fucking dudes in this new episode of Fore-Skin! Octavius is back and paired up with Lew. 2 lean mean Swedish machines, well except that they're Polish but you get the point hehe. The 2 guys are on the bed, kissing, feeling each other's tight body. Obviously Octavius has a thing for nipples. The boy is licking and sucking on Lew's hard nipplies like there is no tomorrow which doesn't look like Lew is bothered by it either :) After a while, Lew decided to do the same to Octavius. Let's fast forward a few minutes, the boys are finally naked. Lew is the first one to taste Octavius' uncut cock. Sucking on it and pulling the extra skin with his teeth. He's enjoying every bit of it and so does Octavius hehe For a long while, the 2 boys are licking, sucking each other's cock, even eating ass! Lew is the one tasting Lew's butthole fucking his manhole with his tongue. The guys are giving us some great foreplay! But if you prefer to just get to the fucking, I suggest you skip the video to the 24 minutes mark. That's when Lew's is preparing his ass for Octavius uncut meat. Doggy style it is! Lew is in position, and Octavius is behind him penetrating Lew's tight ass with his thick cock. That's it, he's in and pumping Lew's ass really hard. Octavius is an awesome top! Lew is getting every inch of it and enjoying it a lot. Octavius is pinning Lew down and start ravaging his ass and this goes on for a while until the 2 boys are ready to unload. Octavius is the first one to cum on Lew's hand, and after he's all done, he's pulling the skin of his cock. We all know where that's going! Lew's getting ready to cum and guess where he cums? Inside Octavius' foreskin! HOT HOT HOT!!! Good job guys, and looking forward to seeing you together again.

Featured Models: Lew, Octavius
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