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James Huck vs Troy Vara


James Huck had been planning a day trip for some hiking and a picnic and Troy Vara forgot all about it. James shows up at Troy's house and Troy is lying on his sofa watching television. James reminds Troy that they had plans to go hiking. Troy remembers and tells James that he had a long week and he's just not feeling up to hiking. James gets angry because he had been looking forward to it all week and now his friend is just going to flake on him. They both started getting angry and they agreed that they didn't want to let this come between them. They began trying to think of ways they can settle this. They both like wrestling so they decided to fight for it. The catch is, the loser of the fight would be punished by having the other's dick shoved in his mouth and his asshole. That sounded like a good idea to both, so they prepared for their match. They go at it pretty hard and both seem to want to win. After a good fight, James emerges the victor and enjoys a passionate blowjob that the horny twink Troy is very good at giving. He repays that blowjob and he sucks just as good as Troy does. After giving him a blowjob, he starts fucking Troy in the ass deep and hard in the doggy style position and they finish with Troy riding James's dick while he jerks off and James cums on his own stomach.

Featured Models: James Huck, Troy Vara
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