Desmond Cooper and Richard Hicks Photos


The tight little bubble ass of Richard Hicks looks amazing as he takes a shower after a workout. Tone and tattooed bad boy Desmond Cooper walks in and stares at Richard for a bit before taking a shower of his own. He keeps staring at him while he pulls his dick out of his tiny shorts. Richard turns around and looks at him and he Is clearly into it because they start making out. Richard wraps his strong young hand around Desmond’s throbbing dick and they start kissing harder. Desmond’s huge member is fully erect as Richard gets on his knees to suck it. His young mouth feels so good sliding up and down the shaft as Desmond grabs his own ass to get a good thrusting motion into his sexy gym sex partner’s young mouth. Desmond wants to do some sucking too, so he gets on his knees. His mouth is small, so he can barely get it over the head and around the shaft as he sucks it. Richard puts his hand on top of Desmond’s head and holds it. Thrusting harder and faster. This makes Richard so horny that he can almost feel Desmond’s big dick entering his asshole. He makes his locker room fantasy come true as he lowers his asshole down on Desmond’s eager flesh pole. He spreads his legs wide and jerks off while his ass is being filled. He almost makes Desmond cum inside him when he starts wiggling his tight ass around and pushing down harder. He then stands up with his hands on the wall of the shower, so Desmond can plow him from behind. A view from the floor shows that Richard’s assshole is now fully open to receive Desmond’s glorious dick balls deep. He gets in a position that helps him penetrate as deep as possible. The locker room ass fucking gets deeper and faster and Richard jerks off and cums while his asshole is being spread apart and ravaged. Desmond pulls out and cums all over Richard. Since they’re in the shower, he gives himself a rinse off.

Featured Models: Desmond Cooper, Richard Hicks
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