Axel Green and Erik Spector Photos


Slim and tone blonde twink Axel Green sits on the bench in the locker room and he can’t help but stare at the exquisitely musclebound body of Erik Spector as he walks in after a workout. Axel is clearly turned on because he starts grabbing his throbbing cock that is already erect in his gym shorts. Erik acts like he doesn’t notice, but he likes it and he’s acting aloof even though he knows that he is about to get fucked. It’s not long before he makes it clear that he is into sex after a workout. They start kissing passionately and rub each other’s bodies and cocks. Axel’s gym shorts are the first to come off and Erik goes directly to his knees to wrap his warm mouth his hard dick. He bobs up and down on it, licking it up and down, just aching to feel it in his ass. Now it’s Erik’s turn to get his dick swallowed. He rubs Axel’s tender head and shoulders as he barely fits his dick in his tender mouth. They are both nude in the locker room now and they don’t plan on putting their clothes back on until they have both busted a nut. They stand up and do some more tender kissing while they stand in the middle of the locker room nude, with their cocks touching. Soon, Erik is bent over the bench, with his hand on one of the lockers, while Axel fills his ass with his thrusting member. He pushes balls deep as Erik grunts with pleasure. Erik puts his foot up on the bench, so Axel can plow him even deeper. They change positions and get in the locker room floor and Axel keeps pumping away. Erik is clearly enjoying the deep penetration. Erik’s moans echo through the locker room as Axel pumps faster and faster. When Axel is ready to explode, he empties his balls all over Erik’s tone chest and stomach. Erik jerks himself off until his balls are empty as well. It looks like the twink had his way with this gorgeous musclebound Adonis.

Featured Models: Axel Green, Erik Spector
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