Arthur Shining


Arthur Shining knows that there’s nothing better than a skinny twink that loves to take thick cock deep into his warm, lubed up asshole. That’s why he’s always sure to keep his back door wide open for anyone who wants to use it. It’s a nice, hard ass fucking that he’s thinking about as he takes off his clothes in his bed. The thought of a stiff cock penetrating his hole so he can feel every vein in his body gets him so hard that he can’t help but jerk his cock as fast and hard as he possibly can. He’s a girly twink who’s always fantasized about being taken by a straight man who holds him down and fucks his asshole until it hurts him. He runs his hands all over his body and imagines being held down so he can’t move or get away. He jerks his cock a little faster while he thinks about the guy pounding him from behind until he’s about to fill up his asshole with his massive load of stinking cum. That’s when he shoots his own load all over his chest. Then he just lays there and lets the smell surround him.

Featured Models: Arthur Shining
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