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Alessandro Katz


Alessandro is in the office and feeling a little bit horny when he lets his hands take over and work his body up into a sexual frenzy that can be only be satisfied by taking his thick and stiff cock into his own hand. He sits on the edge of the desk and caresses his chest while letting his fingers wander over the bulge in his pants, squeezing the outline of his dick through the fabric. It isn’t very long before his shirt and pants come off and he slips one hand down under his underwear to glide his fingers over his swollen member. After he takes off the underwear, he wraps his hand around his erect cock and strokes it up and down while imagining a hot, young stud on his knees, servicing the aching dick with his warm mouth. He holds himself upright and jerks off with one hand, letting his balls jiggle around with the force and momentum of his stroking. He starts to pinch his nipples and feels himself getting just a little closer to exploding into orgasmic ecstasy and sits forward on the desk to make sure he can aim his load exactly where he wants it to go. He strokes himself even faster and closes his eyes to imagine the scene in his head as his dick starts to shoot out the loads of his thick and sticky cum. It flows over his fingers and lands in a puddle right on the top of the desk.

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